Saturday, 8 May 2010

It's official. I'm a huge girl. House has made me cry at least twice in the last 24 hours. Pathetic!

In case anyone was interested in Sam's travels and finding out a little more about Anjouan and the Scops owls (providing he sees them!) then head on over to and read away :) Only one update so far but hey, he's only been there since Wednesday. Apparently the internet is pretty bad but hey, it works well enough.

So, in hoop related news (which is unofficially why I'm here, not just to spew the musings of my not quite subconscious) last nights Yalding hoop jam was great! Tried out the new jump I can't quite do in my living room and almost, ALMOST managed to get a x3 shoulder to pass (from left to right round the back and then back across the front) but it's definitely going to take some practice. I think the thing I need to work on the most is my flow - I'm comfortable on the body but transitioning between planes just doesn't seem to come as naturally. Plus, and I can thank Sam for this, whenever I f*ck up I pull a face! Must concentrate on keeping the flow, even when I balls it up and smack myself in the face. Also, must remember that I know more moves than I think I do...... perhaps a list in my head will make it easier for me to mix things up.

Next on the list; more jumps and practising with the 32", perhaps looking at getting hold of some polypro tubing (fear!) and finding out who is running this mystery class in Benenden on a Monday night.... plus the ever growing list of performances I've been applying for! So far there's a circus skills demo at St. Bede's school in June, and a couple more school fete's in May and August. Should be good!

Whilst I'm here, I must link to the INCREDIBLE new music Sharna introduced me to. Melody Sheep has created Symphony of Science, an experimental musical project fusing music and science with wonderful results. Plus you can download it all for FREEEEE! Go to the music listings page and just hit right click - save.... You'll love it!

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