Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ok, so, here I am! Welcome to my circular little corner of the universe, I hoop you enjoy it :)

Firstly, a but about me.... I'm Cazz, I'm 24 (not for much longer) and I currently live in the sleepy village of Ticehurst in East Sussex with mi dear mam, my two cats, my three snails and my ever growing family of hoops. I've been hooping for about 6 months thanks to my lovely friend miss Emily Bee (aka Miss Tilly Twist - - and one half of The Pantalooneys) from whom I bought my first hoops. Emily was kind enough to introduce me to the legendary Sharna Rose ( and who I have since been lucky enough to hoop with most weeks - we even hooped the Sport Relief mile!

Anyway, I can safely say that hooping has become a major part of my life and something that I enjoy every day. Whether I'm in the mood for some exercise, feeling a bit blue or just fancy a bit of a boogie it is something that always lifts my spirits and forces me to push myself so I can improve on my technique and flow. More than that though, it has genuinely helped me come out of my shell, try new things and in the process I have met some truly incredible people, with many more to come hopefully!

This year I will be heading to Southern Lights festival, on my own! It may sound silly, but going to a festival on my own is not the sort of thing I would usually do, but the pursuit of hooping is a many splendoured thing! I had my sights set on going to this years UK Hoop Gathering but sadly tickets sold out in 3 hours (whilst I was bashing around London), boo! Still, I have high hopes for the summer sun and some hooping down by the reservoir :)

Armed with my trusty camera I hope to be able to track my progress and learn some things about myself as I update this blog and hopefully go from hoop to glory!

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