Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Slight fail on my behalf... I totally failed to make it over to Maidstone for Big Tricks, Little Top which sucked balls. I just couldn'y justify a) the petrol costs or b) the cost of the class having spent £45 on groceries, £40 on vouchers for my cousins wedding gift, £15 for a new air bed after my dear friend The D-G-H put a hole in the last one... which I only discovered once I got to Glade! Grrr. Either way, it was an expensive day so half a tank of petrol wasn't exactly what I wanted to be spending :s

Anywho, I'm still working with the polyethylene which is fantastically satisfying from a breaks and throws point of view but a bit frustrating from a body work point of view. I have to move a lot more to keep it going and the size still presents a small vortex problem.... BUT the throws look AMAZING and absolutely fly :) It also means that when I lose it I *really* lose it... I had to chase it half way around the back of the church yesterday, much to the amusement of the boy who was watching through his bedroom window :p

In other news I'm currently planning my 25th, which is mildly concerning. I'm not really worried that I'm turning 25, frankly ageing is not something I'm worried about just yet. BUT what does worry me is the possibility that, in spite of me putting all this effort and buying food and sorting shit out, no one will turn up :( I do this every year, worry that no one will show, but this time I'm NOT in Bristol, all my friends are NOT just up the road and it's a lot more complicated. Plus some of the locals have already said they can't make it, which makes me really sad coz they've all been such a bit part of my life for the last 6 months. Plus Sam isn't here, so I'll have no one to give me a big birthday morning hug when I wake up! Basically I don't think anything will top last year and me opening the door to what I assumed was the postman but it actually being Sam who came home a week early to surprise me on my birthday - it was literally the best birthday ever :)
Either way, the good people should be here and I'll just have to get shit-faced if all else fails!

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