Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Fnar fnar fnar.
I'm sitting here in the charming kitchen of Mr and Mrs Pilcher who are currently in Majorca and for whom I am house-sitting, having wangled my way onto their net connection. Tis a hard life this house-sitting gig. For example, this afternoon I will be heading out into the paddock to do some hooping in the sunshine before taking a quick dip in the pool to cool off. Tough stuff!

In other news - I had a few beers and decided that it WAS a good idea to put a £50 deposit down on my ticket for this years SWHoop convention. YEY! Fun times in Brizzle with Emily Bee and co. Baxter and Brecken will be there as well as the lovely miss Sharna Rose and Ems of Hooping Mad. That's a lot of hoopy love.

In other other news - SAM GETS BACK ONE MONTH TODAY! Huzzah I tells 'ee. I have a strange, sinking feeling that his flight gets in at 6am or something equally anti-social and I am, of course, designated taxi driver. Small price to pay to get my big hairy lover back though.

Anyhow, duty calls and I simply must go and read a book in the sunshine.

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