Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Fnar fnar fnar!

I got my polyethylene tubing through the post this morning from the lovely people at - I bought some teal grip tape to go with it so it has a super duper line of tape around the circumference on the inside and then spiral tape too..... teal on white looks b'oody brilliant!

It's so light and whippy, love it! I'll have to work a bit on knees to waist with it as not having the weight means it's harder to make it hit the right spot on my legs. Still, she's 34" of pure poly goodness :D

I've decided I will shortly be doing a picture post of all my hoops, partly because I feel like I should and partly because I'm a total geek and have pretty much assigned names and personalities to all my hoops. That's right, I'm a freak.

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