Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Just had my first evening of circus fun with the TWJC folk and much fun was had! The main hall in the Camden centre is SUPER high which is amazing, learning to really control my throws which is a step in the right direction, plus I had a good chance to scope out the ol' juggling gig - methinks my next project will be teaching myself to juggle.
A good night all in all, though there wasn't enough music for my tastes (might take my iPod next time and plug in one ear, helps me with the flow.) I'm heading to Big Tricks Little Top next Tuesday and this coming Monday is the new hoop dance fitness class in Benenden, though I've yet to call and book, must get on that! Don't know who it is that runs it yet, I did wonder if it was someone from TW but alas not. Ah well!
Had some great hooping down at the reservoir yesterday, though it was incredibly windy which a) meant I got bloody freezing very quickly and b) interfered with my planes a bit. At least it was sunny though!

Now comes the birthday party planning - I turn 25 in about 3 weeks and good golly I must celebrate. I've decided to have a garden party in the field with tiki lamps and fairy lights and candles and a bbq etc etc etc. Hopefully all the good people are coming :)

Anywho, Sam is still updating regularly so go check him out. The island sounds amazing, more posts = win!


  1. 25 ZOMG!
    i find that strange indeed.
    also I like that you are a proffessional salt and vinegar crisp.


  2. Professional salt and vinegar crisp 'EATER' - I am not a crisp!
    That's right, when you get back your girlfriend will be 25.... I will officially be allowed in every bar in England. And you will still be 23. OH GOD. I'M SO OLD.