Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sunshine and strap-marks.

Well good god the weather has been amazing. I decided that today was a good day to spend out of the sun, but the previous 48 hours were spent gloriously sun-bathing and ignoring the fact that I'm still unemployed, being forcibly removed from the only village I've ever been lucky enough to call 'home' and won't be seeing my boyfriend for a further two months..... and it was great :)

Today on the other hand was spent indoors, giving my poor pale skin a bit of a break and dyeing my hair a nice reddy colour. I of course have bright orange patches of skin all around my hair line but that can be taken care of at a later date.
Tomorrow night is quiz night, then comes another Friday night when I will hopefully be heading to Yalding to see Ms. Sharna Rose and then to the Bull to hopefully drink considerably less than I did last week, or last night for that matter. I feel asleep last night with contacts in and teeth-unbrushed. Haven't done that in a VERY long time!

Hoop wise, well, I think I've had an almost breakthrough - I seem to have lost my fear of 'letting go' and actually dancing in front of people. It's taken me a good few weeks of daily hooping in our communal field to get over the fact that someone might be watching and to just let go, find a rythm and go for it. I still feel the pressure to fuck up less, but that can only be a good thing frankly! The poly is working out well too, I'm making decent progress with re-learning things with a lighter hoop, and it's really nice for breaks, which are also coming along well!

Other than that it's birthday plans as usual - Nancy (the pint sized Canuck currently co-habiting with my brother) got me a LOT of multi-coloured bunting for the great event and I have big plans for buying booze in a few days time. Before all that though is the arrival of the Bristol housemates! Matt, Simone and Jacqui are heading down for a spot of countryside-ness over the bank holiday weekend and I'm sure we'll find a lane and a football at some point and revive arguably the greatest sport of all time - LANEBALL!

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