Sunday, 13 June 2010

Southern Lights and suburnt thighs.....

I can barely keep my eyes open (at the grand old time of ten past nine in the evening) due to not really sleeping at all last night BUT, I had to get some of this down lest I forget..... Southern Lights was b'oody brilliant!

I didn't go until Saturday morning due to the complete lack of hooping workshops until Saturday afternoon, though I did miss the LED ball.... still, fun times! I got there just as the beginners hoop class was starting so I watched many MANY newbies flinging hoops about. Tent pitching happened and I introduced myself to the neighbours - Coz, Bas and Lucette (I think) who between them had virtually no circus skills, which meant I got to do a bit of teaching! Steve and Matt, more skill-less visitors, were on the other side and I inadvertantly managed to camp literally in front of Lorna's mum and dad - tres bizarre! Other good news also included Ms Emily Bee and Bags being aboot after all and Emma from Bristol along with Gail and other super talented people, with whom I had a fab time glow hooping on Saturday night....... apparently there will be pictures!

So, either way, Saturday was just playing, wandering about and locating important things like the bar and performance stages. The show case in the evening was freaking amazing - Looop flew all the way in from Belgium and did some amazing partner poi, swiftly followed by Bendy Ben and some of the best juggling EVAR! The finale act was a half French, half Russian street performer who, whilst dragging on a little, was doing some fantastic balance work.

The fire show was FREAKING AWESOME - SaFire did a fab 3 hoop fire demo which was kinda the highlight of my weekend as I had been waiting to see her perform for aaaaages, and she's usually miles away in the United States of Canuckia. She won't be at the third UK Hoop Gathering, which sucks balls, but still, was nice to chat to her and her workshops were super - I learnt a ton and even managed to get the hang of vertical chest hooping.
I had to scamper pretty sharpish after the final tute which was a shame but I did managed to leave a message in a bottle for them before practically walking over them on my way out.... They were awesome and I really hope I see them next year!

That was a very superficial and not at all well put together account of the some bits of the weekend and I'm sure I shall come back and furnish it with greater detail at some point in the future. Mostly though I want to remember how OH SO BEAUTIFUL the setting was...... Rolling hills doesn't even cover it. The sea was glistening in front of us all weekend and the sun was blazing. Good times!

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