Thursday, 30 September 2010

UK Hoop Gathering part 3 - final days and godbyes!

Glorious, glorious sleep.
That's what I finally managed to get on Saturday night (after a healthy dose of 'MORE DANGER' and 'DO IT NAKED') and awoke bright and early on Sunday for the first seminar with the lovely Gail O'Brian..... sadly for me this workshop was mainly focused on floor starts, throws and kick starts which, with a decidedly dodgy ankle I was rather ill-equiped to do :( Still, I made the best of it, wrote down everything I learnt and came back to it all later - I will prevail!

In the afternoon was 'Expression Session' with Rico who I think we had all rather fallen in love with after his brutally energetic performance from the night before. This particular session was more about feeling the hoop, feeling our relationship with it and redefining our planes - hooping on the vertical plane can be a little tricky and certain moves - duck outs, passes etc - suddenly become almost impossible! Not with the help of Mr. Rico! I finally managed to execute a vertical shoulder duck out BUT it comes and goes.

Sunday was by far and away the best day weather-wise - the sun came out, the rain stayed away and, for the first time all weekend, I felt the sun on my shoulders and developed some truly awesome strap marks.

The sunshine made for a perfect closing ceremony too. As we gathered in a circle to celebrate the love, the sharing, the knowledge and the joy of the weekend Frenchy guided us through a meditation, focusing on our heart shakras. As a group, as one, we channeled the energy of Wild Ways through our hearts and back into the soil, taking with us a little piece of everyone we had met and sharing in the love we had all poured into our craft over the weekend.

I don't want to end my write up by detailing the drive home - it was glorious to have Lorna to share the navigating with and, needless to say, the drive was long and dull.

What I have taken away from this weekend will last me a lifetime.
Things had been, well, a little rough at home before leaving - life, jobs, relationships, they were all feeling the strain of a difficult period in my life. However, being around such inspirational, loving, warm-hearted, beautiful, joyous people made me see what life really is and what life really can be - spectacular. My head truly changed, my heart was turned and I truly believe that UK Hoop Gathering inspired my new mantra -


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