Saturday, 8 January 2011

I PROMISE I haven't forgotten about this blog, promise promise promise!
Lots has been going on of late, including my first appearance in a MUSIC VIDEO!
It was such fun, lots of nice people met and I even saw myself on MTV and the X-Factor (not performing, just in a clip of the video. We did get offered the X-Factor job but they weren't interested in paying us for about 3 days worth of work, so bollocks to that!)

Anywho, other than that things are good. Moving to Brighton in just over a week with two super nice guys whilst Jojo is in Thailand with Spark! circus, adventures!
Two job applications that I'm really excited about as well, both at the university of Sussex student union - fun times by the sea :p

Oddness though - there appears to be another 'Tess LaCoil', whom I've met and is actually a lovely lovely girl. I find it odd as we've known each other for a while (albeit only in a hooping way) and I'm fairly sure I gabbed to everyone about the creation of my website and my steampunk themed performances and yet there she is..... At least I own the domain name, though I haven't done a great deal with it yet. I'll get Tara to help me on that one hopefully! I guess I just find it strange that someone I know and have a lot of hooping friends in common with should choose such a specific name - did she know and choose to ignore the fact that I'd already registered the name? Is it a pure accident? Who can say.

Anywho, I'm starting to chirp up a bit after the crap sandwich that was the start to 2011; a quick rundown just for prosterity.

- Car needs new clutch (between £350-£400). Discovered this upon leaving Ticehurst on NYE. Ignored almost undrivable car and decided to just go for it.
- Ciaran's father died on new years day which is, needless to say, horrific. So much love for that guy.
- Someone has been fraudulently using my debit card to send £80 bunches of flowers to someone in London.
- Spent £70 on taxing a car that will be sitting up the road until I can afford to fix it.


Plus, and this is certainly not a crap-sandwich event but still sad, Sam has an awesome interview coming up for a position at Flamingo land, which is near York. THAT'S FAR AWAY. Not as far as South Africa I'll grant you, but still pretty far. It's an amazing job and he'd be great at it, but fucking York? Makes me sad :(

Anyway, I'm still focusing on me this year, this will be the year of Cazz. Illumi-nation hoops are hopefully being made and will be on their way to me in the next few weeks. Fire wicks should be on the way to me courtesy of my mother for Christmas and I WILL will will will will get a decent job.

Until next time! x

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